Twenty years' experience helping solve the water crisis have taught us. 
When the mining industry in Alaska needed portable water plants for their remote exploration camps, we were there. Arctic oil field drillers, villages in Alaska, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya Africa, Colombia,Philippines, have our plants and they produce water that has been proven
safe to drink.

We fill that big GAP that exists between large municipal plants and homeowner units.. If you operate a remote camp, respond to disasters, are starting up a Micro-business, have thirsty farm workers or want to “get ready” – we can help you produce your own good- tasting water.  How?

PRODUCTS. Production Models. Simple, low-cost filtration/ disinfection plants tested and approved by a USEPA certified laboratory. They make most contaminated fresh water safe, can run on solar panels and take minimum training. 
CUSTOM "Hard-shell" self-contained units for large camps in the most adverse conditions in the world.  Produce up to 20,000 gallons per day.  Smaller units tailored to individual and site-specific requirements, emergencies etc.
PASS (Portable Arctic Sanitation System)  We teamed with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Heritage General Contracting, Lifewater Engineering and Silverline LLC for this effort.  These are Small household units designed to  replace piped water and sewer systems in villages and answer the need for basic sanitation in the Alaskan villages.
GALLERY Take a look at some of the interesting things we do around the world.
CONTACT Contact information for Affiliates in Alaska, California, and Colombia South America.
SERVICES shows examples of what we can do for you if you want to help someone set up a micro-business.  It also shows a little about how we train our technicians to analyze water problems and help you get the right equipment to treat it.

Chena River, Alaska
CampWater 40, "North slope", Alaska