The Portable Arctic Sanitation System (PASS) is a team effort by the following organizations:
* Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)
* Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC)
* Lifewater Engineering Co. (Waste System)
*CampWater Industries (Drinking Water System)
*Silverline LLC (Administrative Support)  
Call: +1-907-8954304 | email:

Background: According to ANTHC Final Report re Kivalina Alaska tests, 8/6/17 , "The PASS system is a low-cost alternative to piped protect public health...a pilot project provide immediate improvement in quality of life for residents across rural Alaska that are currently without sanitation systems in their homes"  .The project was initiated in 2013 with pilot installations in Kivalina (2015) and later at Chalkytsik, Alatna, Allakaket, Newtok, Mertarvik, and Oscarville.  Future installations are in the planning stage.
PASS system display at AFN Convention, Anchorage AK, 2019  
Rain Catchment System as seen in Kivalina
Drinking Water Systems under construction in CampWater Industries shop in Delta Jct AK..
For PASS System parts and technical support referrals please contact Silverline LLC 
907-895-9800 or   .
PASS Systems ready to ship to a village (in this case, Mertarvik).
CampWater MiniPASS handwashing system with ventilated honey-bucket by Lifewater Engineering Co., Fairbanks AK